Stand 21 Racewear

As safety is of the utmost importance during all Curbstone events, we are proud to count Stand 21 Racewear among our partners. At each of our events Stand 21 Racewear puts several race suits at your disposal, so you can take to the track under the safest conditions. They also provide you with a personalised safety advice and you can even acquire your tailored race gear on site.


Wondering what to wear during a Curbstone Track and Test Day? The answer is simple: make sure you are comfortable and safe at the wheel of your car and be aware that your outfit should not hinder your movements.

Still, there are some requirements you need to adhere to during a Curbstone Track and Test Day. If you are driving a race car, a race suit, racing shoes and helmet are mandatory. It is also advisable to use a HANS (Head and Neck Support) system. When driving a sports car, a race suit and HANS system would be ideal but are not mandatory. However, you do need to wear long sleeves, trousers and a helmet.