Rules & Behaviour



These rules are designed to create a safe and fun experience for everyone involved and participating in a Curbstone Track Event, applying to drivers, passengers and guests. Please check back here often, as this page will be updated on a regular basis.

All the rules are common sense, but will be spelled out to make sure there is no confusion or misunderstandings.


  • NO unneeded stops on the track, no driving in reverse direction or other generally  unsafe activities are allowed. These will all lead to immediate removal from the track or circuit and dismissal with NO REFUND.
  • Speed limit in the pit-lane is 60km/h. This is for everyone's safety.
  • No one is to enter the track without express permission from the marshals.

Pets are NOT permitted at the circuit facilities. On all of its events Curbstone provides one or more instructors to help you find and discover the ideal line and to improve your personal driving skills. They might also help you discover the potential of your car in case you are not used to a new one.

Every Curbstone Track Day starts with 20 to 30 minutes “familiarisation laps” after the security briefing: an instructor will lead the group on the track to show the ideal line. During these familiarisation laps: do not take passengers. The goal during the familiarisation laps is to ensure that everyone knows THE LINE.

While some people think there is a slow line and a fast line - this is not the case . Yes, the very fast drivers might use the last piece of pavement available, but everyone's line should be within 1 or 2 metres of the ideal line.

Driving slowly is NOT dangerous. It are the drivers who are OFF the line that are dangerous. Please pay attention during the familiarisation laps as the instructors will show you the line that you should be on.

If a faster driver wants to overtake you - then it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to go off the line and get around safely. The driver being overtaken should not be affected in any way. The OVERTAKER must make sure they are well clear of the other car before moving back onto the line.

If you are the driver being overtaken - just relax and pretend they are not there. Also, do not stare at the back of their cars after they overtake you - just go about your business.

If you are in a fast car, but know you are holding people up in the turns, let them pass you on the straights. Check your ego at the gate. 

As long as everyone is on  the same line, and the faster drivers use their heads and overtake in safe areas, then we will all have a GREAT day.


NO OVERTAKING in corners

NO OVERTAKING in braking zones

OVERTAKING is allowed LEFT and RIGHT side

SLOW CARS can/should stay on their ideal line

FAST CARS overtake slower cars by leaving the ideal line

All passes must be clean. It is the FASTER car’s responsibility to make a clean pass, and not force the car being passed to make an adjustment.


There are plenty of marshals on the track to guide you during the day. Please respect the FLAGS they will use and show you during the day. At ANY TIME, you should respect the flags shown by the marshals!

  • GREEN FLAG: start or restart of the session, go ahead
  • YELLOW FLAG: danger ahead, slow down, NO OVERTAKING
  • BLUE FLAG: faster car approaching (which will overtake you)
  • RED FLAG: session stopped, slow down, return to pit, NO OVERTAKING
  • CHECKED FLAG: end of session, slow down, return to pit, NO MORE OVERTAKING

If for any reason you want to move your car away from the ideal line to a side of the track, e.g. to let pass faster cars, use your indicators well ahead.

If you are making slow laps on purpose (warming up lap, cooling off laps, returning your damaged car to the pit…): keep your “slower than normal car” on the side and put your car’s warning signs on until you reach the pit-lane.